Learn Spanish Your Way

Dialecta is the world’s first language learning app that teaches the art of conversation with:

➤ AI technology
➤ Expert tutors
➤ Global community
➤ Content tailored to your personal needs


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No more generic learning – Dialecta’s technology tailors your learning journey just for you. Our AI-powered tools learn from expert Spanish tutors and is psychologically informed to help you customize your path to match your goals.

➤ Personalized tutor bot for all learning needs
➤ Vocab list generator for words tailored to you
➤ Voice chat for conversational practice

enhanced by COMMUNITY

Dialecta connects you with fellow Spanish enthusiasts through online chats, recurring virtual events, and even in-person gatherings in Mexico. Immerse yourself in conversations, cultural experiences, and friendship-building opportunities as you embark on your learning journey with like-minded folx from around the world.

Engaged with eVENTS

We believe in enhancing your Spanish learning experience beyond the screen. Join us for a variety of engaging events to practice your Spanish in real time. From language immersion taco hangouts to thrilling cultural outings in Mexico, our events are designed to increase your confidence in speaking Spanish while creating unforgettable memories. Explore our event calendar and make your Spanish journey even more exciting!